AdVentura Works, Planny and SwissInspect receive CHF 100’000 FIT Tech Seed loans

AdVentura Works is developing a remote control solution for warehouse forklifts, Planny is developing automated personnel management and SwissInspect provides services for digital inspection of infrastructures. The 3 startups received a Tech Seed loan of CHF 100’000 from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) to support their development.

AdVentura Works remotely manages the driving of forklifts to optimise logistics 
The logistics sector is experiencing a significant shortage of staff at a time when it’s booming. To help companies cope with this shortage, improve efficiency, safety and reduce product damage, AdVentura Works is developing a remote forklift driving solution. These remotely controlled forklifts offer warehouse operators greater flexibility, improved safety and reduced costs. In addition, the data generated by this technology help to optimise placement processes and make warehouses more efficient. AdVentura Works will use the FIT loan to hire its first engineers and begin building its prototype.

Planny is automating scheduling on their journey to become the strategic data platform for hospitals
Hospitals are complex organisms with multiple stakeholders who have different strategic objectives and associated time horizons. The lack of a common, data-driven success tracking framework for these stakeholders leads to costly misalignments. In the healthcare sector, scheduling is the central nervous system connecting all the workforce. Planny is on a mission to disrupt workforce scheduling at enterprise scale, generating data, uncovering the relationship between all stakeholders’ respective KPIs and developing the adequate tools at all levels of the value chain to act upon these KPIs in a unified way. In addition to their closed CHF 600K pre-seed round, the FIT Tech Seed loan will finance the improvement of Planny’s scheduling product and preparation of their upcoming seed round.

Traceable Structural Digital Twins of Infrastructure and Buildings with SwissInspect 
SwissInspect provides infrastructure structural digital twins (bridges, tunnels, dams, buildings, etc.) that are affordable, traceable, and objective. SwissInspect's physics-informed Artificial Intelligence engine takes images as input and generates structural digital twins with various layers of information, from asset geometry to physics-based damage classification. The encoded information contained within a digital twin enables asset owners and operators to develop accurate predictive maintenance strategies and assists insurance companies in accurately determining the value of an asset. SwissInspect will use the FIT Tech Seed Loan to hire its first engineers and build customer relationships.

Alexander Manolov 
CEO & co-founder of AdVentura Works 

Abel Ganz 
CEO & co-founder of Planny

Amir Rezaie 
CEO & co-founder of SwissInspect