Why join FIT?

The Foundation's value proposition is based on three pillars: connecting with Foundation Board members and/or selection committees, access to start-ups, and making investments.

Connecting with Board members and/or selection committee members

By joining the Foundation Board and/or its selection committees, a member has the opportunity to connect with key people from companies, academic institutions and government agencies, all of whom share the same interest in start-ups and can therefore strengthen their links with the local innovation ecosystem.

Access to start-ups

  • Access to start-ups in the seed and growth phase: by joining one of the selection committees, a member has the opportunity to meet approximately 10-15 selected start-ups per year and to decide, within the framework of the selection committee(s), on the investment on behalf of the Foundation. Members, through the selection committee(s), have the possibility to get in touch with the founders/CEO to follow up on specific topics. 
  • Direct introductions: at the request of a Board member or a member, the Foundation acts as a facilitator by making direct introductions between members and FIT start-ups. 
  • Private roundtables: one or two private roundtables per year can be organised at the member's premises to introduce targeted FIT start-ups to an audience chosen by the members. 
  • FIT Investors platform: in addition to the selection committees, FIT Board members and FIT members will have access to the FIT Investors platform where FIT start-ups in the process of raising funds will be presented, as well as events and news related to investment.

Investing in start-ups through FIT Verticals programmes

The Foundation has developed FIT Verticals on specific investment sectors, such as the FIT Foodtech Vertical, to leverage and reduce the risks of early stage investments made by third parties, such as - but not limited to - Corporate Ventures (CVs), Venture Capital Funds (VCs) and Family Offices.

Investments are made in the name of the Foundation and a three-year option is granted to the third party. This gives the third party a longer period to observe its potential target and can decide later whether or not to call the option. This value proposition gives the right to different contracts and conditions.