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The Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) has been helping startups since 1994. It encourages entrepreneurship, supports innovation and bolsters the local economy by providing appropriate financial assistance.

FIT is a non-profit organisation that encourages entrepreneurship, supports innovation and contributes to boosting the local economy by granting loans and grants to young companies. The funding is aimed at start-ups in Vaud and French-speaking Switzerland. In order to complete all of the criteria, projects must in some cases be attached to a university in the canton of Vaud (HES, EPFL, Unil, HEIG-VD...).

FIT supports projects in energy & environment, information & digital technologies, life sciences & health, precision industries, nutrition & agri-food, and social impact.

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FIT start-ups in the TOP100

The TOP100 ranking of Switzerland's best start-ups regularly sees FIT-supported companies at the top of the list. On average over the last 10 years, one in five start-ups in the TOP100 has been supported by FIT.
In 2021, 31 FIT alumni start-ups will be in the TOP100:

HAYA Therapeutics (#1), ClearSpace (#5), Bloom Biorenewables (#6), DePoly (#10), Volumina Medical (#11), Tune Insight (#13), Flybotix (#16), AgroSustain (#18), CYSEC (#25), Saporo (#30), Adiposs (#36), SoHHytec (#37), Neural Concept (#38), WattAnyWhere (#42), SEED Biosciences (#55), Urbio (#58), Terapet (#59), Annaida Technologies (#62), Solaxer (#63), TWIICE (#63), flowbone (#69), Artiria Medical (#72), arcoscreen (#81), Composite Recycling (#82), Enerdrape (#83), INERGIO (#84), Plastogaz (#85), Limula (#92), Isochronic (#93) and AELER Technologies (#98).

TOP 5 job-creating companies in Switzerland as of 31.12.2021

269 full-time jobs

96 full-time jobs

254 full-time jobs

102 full-time jobs

92 full-time jobs

Our actions for sustainable development


In a context where sustainable development and related issues have become paramount, the Foundation for Technological Innovation is committed to supporting innovative ideas that contribute to a better future for future generations.

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