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Stacksync gets FIT Digital boost

Based in Bussigny, Stacksync aims to make CRM integration incredibly simple for businesses and has received a Digital Seed loan of CHF 50,000 from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT).


Baboom gets FIT Digital boost

Baboom designs a platform for creating personalised audio stories for children and has been awarded a Digital Grant of CHF 20,000 from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT).


Artiria Medical, Planny and Algorized receive support from FIT

The three startups have received financial support from the Foundation for technological innovation (FIT). With CHF 500’000, Artiria Medical will pursue the clinical trials of its medical device for strokes; Planny will use the CHF 400’000 to work towards increasing the sales of its automated workforce scheduling systems; and Algorized benefits from CHF 100’000 to refine its sensing and perception technology.


KFC Pan Europe joins the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT)

After setting up in Lausanne two years ago, the food multinational KFC Pan Europe has joined the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT), in yet another step forward in public-private collaboration to promote innovation in French-speaking Switzerland and the canton of Vaud. Judd Knight, Chief Digital and Technology Officer, and Pawel Luberadzki, Head of Digital and Omnichannel Growth, are respectively joining the Foundation and Tech Growth Committees, and the FIT Digital Committee.


Luxtelligence and SolidWatts receive two CHF 100,000 loans from FIT

The Foundation for Technological Innovation has provided Luxtelligence and SolidWatts with two Tech Seed loans, each worth CHF 100,000. Luxtelligence designs innovative, more efficient photonic chips, and SolidWatts creates a low-carbon alternative to industrial heating. The two loans support the development of these technologies with a view to bringing them to market.


FIT awards grants of CHF 50,000 to CHF 100,000 to 4 projects from EPFL, HEIG-VD and UNIL

Four projects have received support from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) in the form of Tech Grants: Maven Health and NeoSens from EPFL, as well as Grenat Sorter from HEIG-VD and NADUP from UNIL will be able to continue developing their technologies with the backing of the Foundation.


FIT loans CHF 500,000 to DOPPL and CHF 100,000 to Rea Diagnostics

DOPPL, a leader in organoid engineering for disease modelling and personalised medicine, has received a Tech Growth loan of CHF 500,000 from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT), while Rea Diagnostics, specialising in the detection of premature births, has received a Tech Seed loan of CHF 100,000.


DemoSquare, Me Uni and StudyBud receive FIT Digital support

EPFL spin-off DemoSquare conceived an AI-powered platform that offers in-depth insights into Switzerland's parliamentary record and was awarded with a Digital Seed loan from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT). StudyBud has come up with a tailored learning platform to match students and tutors, and Me Uni develops a solution to visit universities in the metaverse. Both startups have received FIT Digital Grants to refine their technology.


Deeplight and ProSeed each receive CHF 100,000 from FIT

Deeplight designs the next generation of integrated photonic lasers for the telecoms and sensing markets and has received a Tech Seed loan from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) to enhance the robustness of its lasers. ProSeed upcycles brewing by-products into valuable raw materials for the production of food ingredients. With the FIT FoodTech loan, the start-up aims to optimise its technology and extend its market reach.