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FIT Digital celebrates five years of supporting digital innovation in the canton of Vaud

Since 2018, the FIT Digital programme has been supporting entrepreneurs in the Canton of Vaud who are developing projects with an innovative business model based on digital technology. In five years, the programme has awarded 65 loans and grants, totalling 3.64 million Swiss francs. Among the companies supported are Neho, Smeetz, WeCheer, Tayo and Alaya.


Ex-Nunc Intelligence and Findatutor receive 40’000 Swiss Francs from FIT

Ex-Nunc Intelligence has developed a pioneering platform using artificial intelligence as a virtual lawyer, analysing Swiss laws at remarkable speeds, sifting through vast amounts of jurisprudence, and automating the drafting of legal documents. Findatutor created an educational platform that seamlessly connects students with qualified tutors, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience. The FIT Digital Grant grants of CHF 20'000 each will propel these companies to finalize their product enhancements and kickstart their marketing and commercialization strategies.


30 #startupFIT in the TOP100!

The FIT is very proud to count (once again) 30 startups in the 2023 Top 100 Swiss startup award!


Neology and ClearSky receive 200’000 Swiss Francs from FIT

Neology is driving the evolution of carbon-free mobility by leveraging the potential of ammonia, while ClearSky is revolutionizing AI assistants by focusing on privacy protection. Awarded by the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT), the Tech Seed loans of CHF 100,000 each will boost these start-ups to the next level in their technological development.


Dewi, DNAQuraCy, naialabs and MagFlow awarded four grants from FIT

DNAQuraCy spun out of UNIL/CHUV and works on the next generation DNA sequencing tools. The three other projects are spin-offs from EPFL: Dewi anticipates anxiety attacks through neuroscience, naialabs allows at-home blood testing and MagFlow is miniaturizing microcatheters. The FIT-InnoTREK grant to DNAQuraCy and the three FIT-Innogrants to the EPFL-projects will help them further develop their prototypes and cover first expenses.


Imverse, Isochronic and Lymphatica get 1.2M Swiss Francs from FIT

Imverse has developed a novel technology that lets users stream holograms instantly. Isochronic has built a technology platform enabling simultaneous pick & place applications. Lymphatica’s implant is the perfect tool to help patients suffering from lymphatic diseases. The FIT Tech Growth loans of CHF 400’000 each will help them further develop their products and hire new team members.


GRAPL, NyxAI, HoliYou and Thot receive FIT Digital boost

GRAPL provides wineries with a ready-to-use delivery e-commerce solution for direct sales to consumers and received a Digital Seed loan of CHF 50’000 to boost its activities. Three further startups obtained Digital Grants: NyxAI provides businesses with cutting-edge generative AI, HoliYou accompanies couples during assisted medical procreation with a selfcare app, and Thot facilitates scientific data management.


Hexem and Adaptyv Bio receive FIT Tech Seed loans of CHF 100’000 each

Adaptyv Bio lets users test and synthesise any protein, while Hexem has developed a novel water cleaning technology that produces biogas from industrial wastewater. The FIT Tech Seed loan will help Adaptyv Bio roll out its platform and Hexem test its industrial demonstrator.


ONWARD, walking by thought

Read a paraplegic patient's mind using a brain implant: the Vaud-based scale-up ONWARD achieved just that. It has published the results of its brain-machine research in Nature, restoring the use of his legs to a patient at the CHUV.