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A FIT Tech Seed loan of CHF 100,000 for Enerdrape to use heat from underground infrastructures

Since 2019, Enerdrape has been developing the first available geothermal panel to turn any underground infrastructure into a renewable heating and cooling source for buildings. The EPFL spin-off has recently won the PERL prize and the Grand Prize at the 25th >>venture>> edition. The Tech Seed loan from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) will help the start-up strengthen its activities and prepare for the market launch of its geothermal panels at the beginning of 2023.


EPFL startups DemoSquare and NanoDecoder awarded a FIT-Innogrant

The Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) selection committee has awarded two Innogrants of CHF100,000 each to EPFL startups DemoSquare and NanoDecoder. The grant will help the startups develop their first minimum viable product.


SOPHiA GENETICS: towards data-driven medicine

Jurgi Camblong, alumnus from EPFL, CEO and co-founder of SOPHiA Genetics, aims at transforming medicine by moving from hypothesis-driven to data-driven medicine. We spoke with him at the Startup Champions Seed Night 2022 – a yearly event gathering investors and the best of Swiss and EPFL startups – about how being based in the canton of Vaud helped him grow his company, which reached the milestone of analyzing over one million genomic profiles and went public.


The canton of Vaud renews its financial support to the FIT

As a founding member of the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT), the canton of Vaud today announces the renewal of its financial contribution to the Foundation, amounting to 16 million Swiss francs until 2030. Banque Cantonale Vaudoise is also renewing its support with CHF 4 million over the same period. With its convincing results over the last decade, the FIT will be able to continue to benefit from the support of the Canton and the BCV to ensure the continuation of its activities.


A FIT Digital Seed loan of CHF 50'000 for School Rebound to improve children's handwriting

Founded in 2021, School Rebound has developed Dynamilis to help children overcome their learning difficulties. The Digital Seed loan from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) will allow the start-up to validate its subscription business model, find the best acquisition channel and continue the development of Dynamilis.


EPFL Innovation Park to expand with a focus on co-creation

EPFL Innovation Park is turning 30 this year and poised to expand with a new site, called Ecotope, where startups, researchers and outside companies will be able to pool their resources in order to explore groundbreaking ideas. The Canton of Vaud is its main partner.


TWIICE: helping people with paraplegia to stand up and walk again

The EPFL Alumnus Tristan Vouga is the CEO and co-founder of the Vaud based startup TWIICE, whose lower limb modular exoskeletons enable people with walking disabilities to stand up and walk again. At the Startup Champions Seed Night on 5 May 2022 – a yearly event gathering investors and the best of Swiss and EPFL startups – we met with Tristan to learn more about him, his company, running a startup in Switzerland and his future projects for TWIICE.


Droople receives 500'000 CHF for its decentralized water intelligence platform.

To face the growing need to preserve and improve water management, Internet of Things (IoT) helps us improve how people use, conserve, and value water. Droople came up with the idea of a smart edge device at any point of use which allows for decentralized water monitoring at the last mile grid. Founded in 2018 and established as part of EPFL’s Incubator La Forge, Droople will use the Tech Growth loan from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) to develop its machine learning capabilities.


100'000 CHF for Voltiris to transform greenhouses into renewable powerplants.

In response to the growing demand for food and renewable energy, Voltiris has developed a new generation of colour optimized photovoltaic panels to maximise sunlight both for growing crops and producing renewable energy. In collaboration with HES-SO and Agroscope, Voltiris will use the Tech Seed loan from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) for its ongoing pilots and prepare its industrialisation and large-scale projects.