What is the process?

1. Application via the online form on the FIT or Innovaud website

2. Assignment of a FIT coach subject to eligibility (+2 weeks)

The coach reviews the FIT Tech Seed conditions with the start-up

3. Tech Seed coordination meeting to review applications (+2 months maximum)

4. Invitation to pitch to Selection Committee (+1 week)

5. Signature of contracts 

The signature of the loan and guarantee contract is established within the following 3 months

6. Release of funds (+1 week)

To apply for FIT support, register via Innovaud (the innovation and investment promotion agency for the canton of Vaud), which is responsible for the pre-selection of candidates:

Key dates

Submission of applications:

Selection Committee :

13 January 

10 March 

05 May 

25 August

10 November

27 January 

29 March 

24 May 

06 September 

29 November