Luxtelligence and SolidWatts receive two CHF 100,000 loans from FIT

The Foundation for Technological Innovation has provided Luxtelligence and SolidWatts with two Tech Seed loans, each worth CHF 100,000. Luxtelligence designs innovative, more efficient photonic chips, and SolidWatts creates a low-carbon alternative to industrial heating. The two loans support the development of these technologies with a view to bringing them to market.

Luxtelligence: revolutionising integrated photonics
Imagine a world where data centres transmit information at the speed of light and quantum computers are compact, affordable and energy efficient. Luxtelligence, an innovative company spun-out of the EPFL and active in the field of integrated photonics, has made significant progress in the manufacture of lithium niobate photonic chips to allow just that.
For over forty years, the nanofabrication of this material has been a major challenge. However, Luxtelligence has developed innovative techniques for mass production that are faster and more efficient than traditional methods.
Already supported by three research grants from the European Union and the European Space Agency, Luxtelligence is marketing this technology through a "process design kit", a library of different components designed, manufactured and tested by the start-up.
The Tech Seed loan from the Foundation for Technological Innovation will finance the laboratory equipment needed to extend developments and accelerate the time-to-market for Luxtelligence's products.
SolidWatts creates more efficient industrial heating
CERN spin-off SolidWatts is committed to transforming industrial heating to make it greener and more efficient. Its mission is to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and improve energy efficiency, while enabling innovation in industrial processes.
SolidWatts electrifies industry by converting grid electricity into radio frequencies for dielectric heating of materials, by designing and building solid state power amplifiers that can generate up to megawatts of power.
This solution provides a viable alternative to fossil fuel processes, high energy efficiency, long lifetime (10 times longer than current technologies) and complete digital control over the process.
This Tech Seed loan will facilitate the development of SolidWatts and the marketing of its innovative solutions, marking an important step towards more sustainable and efficient industrial heating.

Mohammad Bereyhi
CEO and co-founder of Luxtelligence
Markus Aicheler
CEO and co-founder of SolidWatts