Nu Glass and get support from FIT

Nu Glass offers a solution to improve indoor wireless connectivity by making windows of trains and buildings transparent to mobile phone frequencies. is a platform aiming to bring holistic and personalised care to patients with complex health conditions. Both are spun out of EPFL and have received support from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT): a Tech Seed loan for Nu Glass and a FIT-Innogrant for

Nu Glass – improving indoor connectivity with on-site laser treatment on windows
Modern windows use an invisible metallic coating to improve insulation. For many trains and office buildings, this creates a Faraday cage that blocks wireless communication such as 3G & 4G used for mobile phone signals. To boost reception within trains and buildings, operators are investing significant amounts in repeaters, wiring, maintenance, and technology upgrades (e.g., from 4G to 5G).
Nu Glass has developed a unique laser-based industrial robotic system that engraved an invisible pattern into the coating of already installed windows without modifying the original physical properties of the glass. The patented on-site laser treatment allows the propagation of electromagnetic waves without any need to unmount the glazing, thereby making the installation of bespoke telecommunication equipment in trains and offices needless: a massive saving and a future-proof solution.
Nu Glass will use the FIT Tech Seed loan of CHF 100’000 to roll out and deploy the technology at European scale., a virtual clinic offering holistic and personalised care
It’s estimated that one in three adults suffer from complex health conditions. This means they either have more than one condition at the same time, or a condition which impacts multiple areas of the body. These conditions range from diabetes, to Alzheimer’s, to respiratory and heart diseases. These conditions need ongoing and extensive care with patients relying on a range of different doctors. is a virtual clinic which offers patients the benefits of team-based care. The platform hosts independent doctors, generalists, and specialists, who connect and work as a team on a specific patient – no matter where they’re based. has already had significant traction with their idea and is already working with medical partners in Switzerland.
The FIT selection committee has awarded a FIT-Innogrant of CHF100,000 to that will help the team validate their traction and move to the next stage.

Contact for Nu Glass
Luc Burnier
CEO & co-founder of Nu Glass
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Aurélie Schick
Head of Communications at the EPFL Vice Presidency for Innovation