Neology and ClearSky receive 200’000 Swiss Francs from FIT

Neology is driving the evolution of carbon-free mobility by leveraging the potential of ammonia, while ClearSky is revolutionizing AI assistants by focusing on privacy protection. Awarded by the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT), the Tech Seed loans of CHF 100,000 each will boost these start-ups to the next level in their technological development.

Neology paves the way for carbon-free commercial transportation
At the forefront of sustainable transportation, Neology has developed an innovative solution that cracks ammonia to produce hydrogen directly onboard vehicles. By using a unique, energy-efficient reactor, Neology ensures a level of hydrogen purity suited to commercial transport applications. Its on-board solution overcomes the transport and storage challenges associated with traditional gaseous hydrogen, and promises a cleaner, greener future for heavy duty transportation.
With the CHF 100’000 Tech Seed loan from FIT, Neology is set to integrate its device on a hydrogen-powered road vehicle and a boat, to demonstrate its ability to power vehicles with fluctuating demand. This prototype will then help Neology raise its first funds. With the aim of pilot sales as early as 2024, Neology is geared up to revolutionize the transportation sector.
ClearSky: introducing the next generation of A.I. assistants with enhanced privacy
Bucking the general trend, ClearSky is developing AI assistants that give priority to data confidentiality. The idea is simple: bringing artificial intelligence to local devices without going through the cloud to keep data where it was collected. With its Edge A.I. technology, ClearSky has designed a full stack on-device AI assistant that transforms sensitive conversations into private, structured and actionable data.
The CHF 100’000 Tech Seed loan from FIT will accelerate the development of these assistants and support ClearSky's efforts to finalise their mobile application, expand its technical team and roll out its communication and marketing activities. By opting for total confidentiality and offline treatment, the start-up is targeting niches that are currently beyond the reach of the technology giants, starting with specific sectors such as psychiatric consultations and international legal hearings.

Aris Maroonian
Founder and CEO of Neology
Dr Hugo Flayac
Co-founder and CEO of ClearSky