Imverse, Isochronic and Lymphatica get 1.2M Swiss Francs from FIT

Imverse has developed a novel technology that lets users stream holograms instantly. Isochronic has built a technology platform enabling simultaneous pick & place applications. Lymphatica’s implant is the perfect tool to help patients suffering from lymphatic diseases. The FIT Tech Growth loans of CHF 400’000 each will help them further develop their products and hire new team members.

Imverse merges the real world and holograms

Imverse revolutionizes hologram broadcasting with its cutting-edge technology. Based in Morges, this pioneering EPFL spin-off enables users to instantly broadcast their own live holograms. The technology developed by Imverse has been made possible by an innovative combination of virtual reality, advanced 3D rendering and real-time streaming. Imverse's passionate team developed its software based on existing technological boundaries to create a fluid, realistic and immersive experience.
Thanks to its innovative system, Imverse is breaking new ground in the field of holograms, offering a captivating, immersive experience and opening the doors of the metaverse to everyone.
The CHF 400’000 Tech Growth loan from FIT will enable Imverse to hire precious resources in streaming and cloud rendering that will help it accelerate its own native capabilities and decrease the dependency from other platforms.

Isochronic: enabling simultaneous industrial pick & place processes

Based in Denges, Isochronic developed a technology enabling simultaneous pick & place applications for the sheet metal cutting- and packaging industries. In the process of laser-cutting sheet metal parts, the time sorting and palletizing them can be longer than the cutting time itself, leading to delays and inefficiencies. Isochronic solves such problems with its robotic technology, which allows for a much higher throughput and flexibility. This innovation eliminates the part transfer bottleneck, optimizes production and reduces costs for companies in the sector.
The technology developed by Isochronic combines novel industrial robot kinematics with a proprietary simultaneous robotics software platform and optimized control algorithms. By addressing laser cutting machine users directly, Isochronic guarantees seamless integration and an optimal user experience.
Thanks to the CHF 400,000 FIT Tech Growth loan, Isochronic will be able to strengthen its R&D activities, accelerate the product development of its solutions and explore new distribution channels to reach even more companies in the sector.

Lymphatica: the first permanent active implant for lymphedema therapy

Lymphatica Medtech has invented a revolutionary system to treat lymphedema, a problem affecting millions of people worldwide. Lymphedema causes swollen limbs, pain and infection in people who have undergone cancer treatment. Thanks to this small implant, these symptoms can be effectively treated. It works like a pump to remove excess lymphatic fluid and does so automatically. This means that patients will no longer need massages or bandages.
The device is easy to install under the skin and is controlled by a small wearable device, with no electronics or battery inside the implant. No need for frequent medical visits, as the implant works continuously to help lymphedema sufferers feel better.
After having recently obtained positive clinical results in their first human trial, in the upcoming months Lymphatica will accelerate the production, verification, and validation of its product, thanks to the CHF 400’000 FIT Tech Growth loanAfter ensuring the technical feasibility, the implant will be used in the pivotal clinical trial starting in 2024.


Javier Bello Ruiz
CEO of Imverse

Melvin Haas
CEO of Isochronic

Marco Pisano
CEO of Lymphatica Medtech