Deeplight and ProSeed each receive CHF 100,000 from FIT

Deeplight designs the next generation of integrated photonic lasers for the telecoms and sensing markets and has received a Tech Seed loan from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) to enhance the robustness of its lasers. ProSeed upcycles brewing by-products into valuable raw materials for the production of food ingredients. With the FIT FoodTech loan, the start-up aims to optimise its technology and extend its market reach.

Deeplight: affordable high-end lasers for mass markets
In collaboration with EPFL's Laboratory of Photonic Integrated Circuits and Quantum Measurements, Deeplight is at the forefront of the development of innovative lasers based on hybrid photonic integrated circuit technology. These lasers are essential for applications such as satellite-to-satellite telecommunication, LiDAR remote sensing in the automotive sector, and greenhouse gas detection.
These lasers feature the highest spectral purity on the market enabling optical detection applications with much greater sensitivity than today.
Deeplight has already signed licensing and collaboration agreements with EPFL, as well as development contracts with leading industrial companies.
The CHF 100,000 Tech Seed loan from FIT will enable Deeplight to strengthen the robustness of its lasers and achieve key milestones, including obtaining the relevant laser certifications and concluding contracts with its first customers.
ProSeed gives a second life to brewing by-products
ProSeed's mission is to transform the Swiss food industry by upcycling brewing by-products into valuable raw materials. Using an innovative production unit, ProSeed offers breweries a hassle-free solution for transforming their by-products into food-grade raw materials, generating additional revenue while significantly reducing waste.
ProSeed's business model involves setting up processing units in breweries to convert brewers' residual grain into barley flakes, which it then sells to its network of ingredient manufacturers. The three-step process has been patented and the start-up has already signed letters of intent with breweries and food manufacturers. By teaming up with a major bakery, ProSeed sold over 8,500 baguettes made from barley flake-based protein flour in three months.
With the CHF 100,000 FoodTech loan from FIT, ProSeed will optimise its technology and increase its production capacity, with the aim of generating revenue by 2025.

Jean Berney
Co-founder and CEO of Deeplight
Aurélien Ducrey
Co-founder and CEO of ProSeed Ingredients