Saporo receives a FIT Digital Growth loan; LegalPass and Tyma Health receive FIT Digital Grants

Saporo develops an application that improves companies’ cybersecurity, LegalPass democratizes the law with a virtual assistant that evaluates the seriousness of disputes and proposes tailored solutions, and Tyma Health develops a platform that assesses employees' mental health and offers them personalised care. Saporo receives a FIT Digital Growth loan of CHF 200’000 and LegalPass and Tyma Health receive a FIT Digital Grant of CHF 20’000 from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) to support their development.

Saporo: Enhancing cybersecurity with a unique approach and cutting-edge technologies
Cybersecurity is a multi-challenge business: it only takes one vulnerability for a hacker to attack an organisation, while a defender needs to protect all potential attack paths to safeguard their environment. By identifying their cybersecurity vulnerabilities, Saporo enables organisations to stay one step ahead of hackers. To do this, the application tests organisations' attack surface and the relationships between assets, users and computers against millions of threat scenarios.
With the CHF 200,000 FIT Digital Growth loan, Saporo plans to recruit more developers and researchers, as well as file its official patent application.
Providing individuals and businesses with affordable access to law with LegalPass
Due to the complexity and cost of defending a legal case, many people do not pursue their rights. As a result, only 35% of people facing a legal problem have access to legal advice.
LegalPass assesses the problems of individuals and SMEs with the help of a virtual legal assistant to guide them towards the most appropriate solution for their situation. In simple cases, a customized legal document generator is offered and for more complex cases, the assistant directs users to partner lawyers, working at an advantageous rate.
The Digital Grant will be used in combination with other funding to set up an option to connect clients and lawyers, to install an online consultation booking system and to integrate a suitable payment system.
Tyma Health: Caring for the mental health of employees with an app
Many employees are affected by mental health problems and at the same time companies suffer from reduced employee absenteeism and high mental health costs. Tyma Health offers a holistic approach that combines the best of technology, science and human assistance to detect employee mental health issues and provide personalized care. Tyma Health offers an application, the goal of the solution is to improve the well-being of employees by offering them an online coaching and psychological support service, and to reduce the costs related to mental health for companies. Companies identify the needs of their teams. Tyma Health also offers a coaching service for managers.
The Digital Grant will contribute to the development of processes, therapeutic programs with psychiatrists and coaches, and finalize the application.

Olivier Eyries
CEO & co-founder of Saporo

Philippe Grivat
CEO & co-founder of LegalPass

Sofien Charfi
CEO & co-founder of TymaHealth