HEIG-VD projects EMPath and WALIO get CHF 100’000 from FIT

The Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) has chosen to support two projects from HEIG-VD with Tech Grants of CHF 100’000 each. EMPath provides a breakthrough solution to assess the performance of our communication devices, while WALIO wants to give more independence to disabled people thanks to its innovative wheelchair.

Testing communication devices efficiently with EMPath
With the advent of modern wireless communication systems, as well as emerging 5G and IoT-based applications, antenna and radiated emission measurements are necessary steps in design, validation and verification process, and sometimes even in production line. Today, these tests are performed with the over-the-air (OTA) method which requires expensive and time-consuming measurements in test chambers. EMPath offers a new solution for over-the-air testing to assess the radio frequency performance of mobile phones, tablets, IoT devices for various protocols. With a new hardware and software, EMPath’s solution doesn’t require expensive test chambers. In fact, it allows the test to be at least 50% less expensive, much faster (more than 100 times), and the solution is more compact and can be implemented with a high level of automatization.
With the Tech Grant of CHF 100’000 from FIT, EMPath will pursue the development of its technology, finalise its IP license and deep dive into the market by presenting the project at several venues such as the Mobile Summit.
WALIO enables disabled people to open up their horizons
WALIO stands for "We Are Living Inside & Outside", and that is precisely what WALIO strives to achieve. With a solution inspired by the automotive and sports industries, these innovative wheelchairs open up new horizons for people with reduced mobility by allowing them to go into previously inaccessible environments. This new generation of electric wheelchairs can be used both indoors and outdoors (in the city and on rough terrain), and preserves the comfort, integrity and health of its users. WALIO's innovation makes it possible to overcome obstacles of up to 20 cm!
The FIT Tech Grant will enable WALIO to finalise a prototype integrating an autonomous on-board system, with which the project will be competing in the Cybathlon 2024 to demonstrate its ability to overcome imposed obstacles, initiate partnerships and prepare for fundraising.

Nathalie Nyffeler
Responsable Innovation & Entrepreneuriat 
Julie Bocquel
Fondation pour l’Innovation Technologique
Communication manager