CompPair gets a FIT Tech Growth loan to develop its sustainable composite materials technology

A spin-off of the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), the start-up's mission is to extend the life of products and contribute to the circular economy. With its patented HealTech™ innovation, CompPair has developed smart and sustainable composite materials that are able to repair themselves and be better recycled. Moreover, on its way, the promising start-up has won several awards and distinctions. The Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) has decided to support CompPair with a FIT Tech Growth loan of CHF 500’000 to bring its technology to new markets.

CompPair's vision is to offer total circularity to the composites industry. These materials are used everywhere: in the aerospace, automotive, wind, marine, and sports industries... In total, the global composites market represents 100 billion dollars and has grown by 40% since 2014. Nevertheless, these materials are sensitive to damage and current repair solutions are costly, time-consuming, and the industry produces tons of unrecycled waste. 

CompPair is addressing this issue by developing a unique self-healing technology for composites to reduce maintenance costs, manufacturing defects and extend their life. Inspired by nature, HealTech™ is based on a new type of resin giving composite materials the ability to heal cracks and delaminations in minutes, up to 400 times faster than current options. 

A Solar Impulse laureate, Top 100 Swiss startup, ESA BIC CH alumni, winner of the Strategis 2022 Prize and the JEC Startup Booster, and recipient of a FIT Tech Seed loan in 2020, CompPair has made a name for itself time and time again and is now developing collaborations with several companies. With Salomon, the startup has created a lighter, more durable ski that reduces carbon emissions up to an extra 20% by significantly reducing the skis’ weight, increases damping and therefore comfort by up to 80%, and repairs scratches and edge cracks. CompPair has also released publicly their work with Decathlon in the sports equipment field. Finally, CompPair and Ariane Group have worked together to shape the future of access to space with reusable vehicles that reduce launch costs. 

The FIT Tech Growth loan will enable the start-up to develop a second range of products, establish a foothold in the wind, leisure, and aerospace markets, and recruit new talent.

Amaël Cohades 
CEO & co-founder of CompPair