Qui est la FITWho is FIT


The Foundation for Technological Innovation - FIT - has been helping startups since 1994.

FIT aims to support high technology and innovative projects by providing appropriate financial assistance.

Project conditions:

- Optimize the chances of technical and economic feasibility
- Concentrate on the creation and development of new companies
- Collaborate with leading Swiss universities, research institutes, and centers for applied sciences

FIT comes in at an early stage in the project feasibility study.  With its financial support, FIT can help complete an initial project or validate a new technology, thereby accelerating the project’s commercial development.

Activity report : FIT and Innovaud 2014

Most recent supported companies:

- InVivoSwiss SA : Press release

- évoé Wine Technologies : Press release

- RAW Labs / Anemomind / ScanTrust : Press release

Prior to applying for funding, please fill out our application form.