Qui est la FITWho is FIT


The Foundation for Technological Innovation - FIT - has been helping startups since 1994.

It encourages entrepreneurship, supports innovation and bolsters the local economy by providing appropriate financial assistance.

The startup projects we aid should fulfill the following conditions:

- development of cutting edge technological innovation
- concentrate on the creation and development of new companies
- collaborate with leading Swiss universities, research institutes, and centers for applied sciences

FIT comes in at an early stage of the project. Once all the conditions are met and the selection process is completed, FIT provides financial support to new projects. This support helps the selected companies to complete the early stages in a project and validate a new technology, or accelerate the project's commercial development.

TOP100 start-ups of 2016

For the sixth year in a row,  the ranking of this year's TOP100 best Swiss start-ups is published.

Switzerland, a leading innovator on the world stage : the 100 best start-ups : Press release

Out of the 100 best start-ups, FIT is overwhelmingly represented with 27 supported start-ups and 6 in the top 10.

Congrats to LESS (1st), Flyability, Sophia Genetics SA, Amal Therapeutics, Gamaya, Lunaphore Technologies, G-Therapeutics, Mindmaze, ecorobotix, SWISSto12, Nanolive, Distal Motion, Combagroup, Intento, DEPsys, DomoSafety, Geosatis, Actlight, Akselos, Scantrust, Cellestia Biotech, Faveeo, strong.codes, ES Concept, eSMART, Kandou Bus and Raw Labs !

Our most recently supported projects:

- Embion Technologies and Sensiwall : Press release

- Insolight, Moka Studio and Combioxin : Press release 

- Lambda Health System : Press release

- BestMile : Press release

- KB Medical : Press release


Prior to applying for funding, please fill out our application form.

FIT and Innovaud annual activity reports for 2015: Activity reports